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Honey – perfect beauty product

This simple and common product has a variety of benefits for your body. Whether you use it as soap, facial treatment, hair mask or in any other form, honey provides natural beautification. Here are a few of the amazing effects that it has on your body.  

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Treatment for severe acne with baking soda

An incorrect pH balance is oftentimes the reason behind acne breakouts and pimples. Baking soda restores the pH level and regenerates the skin while also removing the excess oil and unclogging the pores. Nevertheless, as useful as it may be, baking soda can lead to side effects when used intensively …

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Oatmeal – Health & Beauty

Oatmeal is a highly effective ingredient when it comes to losing weight, and not only – it’s also an amazing remedy against hair and skin problems. Read on to find out more benefits of using oatmeal. Cures Acne – its role is to remove the excess oil from your skin …

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Cracked heels – home remedies

Heels are oftentimes the most neglected part of your body. If you forget to keep them moisturized, your skin will become rough and cracked. Here are a few methods of maintaining great skin, as well as remedies against cracked heels.  

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Bath and Beauty Recipes Ideas

There are so many beauty products and cosmetics on the market which we use on an everyday basis, but they’re filled with harmful chemicals and thus damaging to our bodies. We recommend that you try these natural homemade recipes to improve your bath time and invest in your beauty.  

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Home remedies to remove facial hair

The excess of hair, especially on the facial area, is almost terrifying for some women, therefore they would resort to any treatment (no matter how painful) to get rid of it once and for all. Before you start waxing it, we recommend that you try the following natural remedies.  

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