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Honey – perfect beauty product

This simple and common product has a variety of benefits for your body. Whether you use it as soap, facial treatment, hair mask or in any other form, honey provides natural beautification. Here are a few of the amazing effects that it has on your body.

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Honey Benefit for Hair – honey has natural humectants, which nourish your hair and moisture it, which makes it the best product for damaged and dry hair. It is a great conditioner! Just apply a layer on your hair and then wash it and enjoy its effects!

Honey Benefit for Skin – many beauty products contain milk and honey, which make your skin soft and smooth. Apply raw honey on your face to obtain that natural moisturizing and keep it for about 20 minutes before rinsing. Alternatively you can add some nuts to get a nice scrub. If you’re having problems with pimples, mix the honey with some corn starch, which acts as an astringent against the infections. Use it regularly and you will enjoy the results.

Hair Highlighter – use honey to make your hair shiny and smooth with some highlights. Take 2 tbsp. water, mix them with 3 tbsp. honey and then apply on a few strands of hair. Allow it to act for about an hour and then rinse.


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