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Beauty & Health – dark chocolate

If you love chocolate but you’re afraid of its consequences on your body, here is some amazing news for you. Read on to find out these great advantages of dark chocolate!

  1. It controls blood sugar level – it is believed that dark chocolate protects your body from type 2 diabetes when consumed properly – the flavonoids help your body maintain a normal insulin balance by reducing insulin resistance of the body cells.
  1. It promotes blood flow – studies have shown that when your body gets specific amounts of dark chocolate it will lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke by an incredible 39 percentage. The reason for this benefit on your blood is that dark chocolate has high amounts of anti-oxidants and flavonoid which make arteries and veins more flexible, promoting thus cardiovascular health.
  2. It helps with weight management – this is one of the products that all people love when they are trying to lose weight, as it replaces the need of something sweet as well as filling in food craving and hunger.
  3. It is a great source of nutrients – the cocoa is rich in minerals, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc and phosphorus, so the next time you buy dark chocolate make sure it has 70-99% of cocoa.
  4. It improves brain activity – dark chocolate contains caffeine, which promotes brain functioning and the theobromine present in cocoa helps your cognitive functions and enhances long term memory.
  5. It enhances your mood – because of its high serotonin content, dark chocolate increases endorphin levels from your brain, a good hormone that helps you get rid of the mental stress.
  6. It fights aging – besides its many benefits on the inside, dark chocolate is also great for your skin. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has amazing anti-aging effects as it is crammed with anti-oxidants such as catechins, flavonoids, polyphenols and so on, all of which eradicate the free-radicals’ effect on the skin.
  7. It protects your skin from UV – skin aging, wrinkles and some diseases are most of the times the result of ultra violet rays of the sun. Dark chocolate is believe to reduce the damaging effects of the ultra violet rays.
  8. It soothes the skin – cocoa is rich in minerals, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Therefore, by eating dark chocolate you will have a calm skin without the side effects that other anti-inflammatory products have.


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